New Jersey's School Furniture Specialist !

The original owner of TANNER FURNITURE is selling School Furniture Direct!
Since 1979, the name TANNER FURNITURE has been a main stay in the School Furniture business.

And now - we continue the tradition under original ownership!!

Times continue to change and so have we.
TANNER is now providing the best brands of school furniture DIRECT from the manufacturers to your school 
- saving you money & time!

"New Address for 2013"


11 Enterprise Court
Sewell, NJ  08080
Phone (717) 533-7554   Fax (717) 533-7564
Toll Free outside of NJ
Phone (800) 527-9403
Email: Scott@TannerFurniture.com


Our Website
Historically, Tanner has produced a School Furniture Catalog that contained furniture products for use in the classroom, library & office.

In order to keep with the times and bridge the gaps
between current paper catalogs
....we introduce TANNER's Webalog!

It is very easy to use! Follow steps 1-2-3

1. Go to the Tanner Webalog - "dropdown"

(the submenu expands when you mouse over "TANNER Webalog")

2. Select the category of furniture.

3. Click to download & print any catalog page!!

NOTE: The 2013 TANNER CATALOG will be out in March 2013. 
It will include "new" contract products and prices, especially for those
interested in Classroom & Folding Furniture items.

Public Works Contractor certification, NJ business registration certification and W-9 forms can be all be found & downloaded under the drop-down